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  • Can I choose my repairer
    Yes! As the owner, you’re in charge of who repairs your vehicle. There’s a myth floating around that your insurance company chooses the repairer, or will need you to get multiple quotes - this is no longer the case. You have freedom of choice over who carries out the repairs.
  • How long will my accident repair take?
    Your repair time will depend on the complexity of the repair, availability of parts, and how long it takes for us to receive authorisation from your insurer. Each repair is different, so there’s no set timeframe - but our team will keep you updated throughout the process, and we’ll do everything we can to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Do you offer loan cars?
    Perfect Autobody has our own fleet of loan vehicles, and wherever possible we’ll provide a loan car while we complete your repair. Please note that we can’t guarantee that a loan car will be available, so check with us ahead of time. We charge a one-off administration fee for loan vehicles, to cover the vehicle insurance and service costs. If you’re not at fault in the accident, the other party’s insurance company can usually cover this cost.
  • Can you match my existing paint colours?
    We aim for an indistinguishable repair and can colour-match in almost every case. The technical processes behind repainting (for example, colours showing up differently on plastic and metal) mean that there can sometimes be a slight colour variation. Our team are happy to talk you through the process and the expected result.
  • Can I get other work done on my car while it’s in for a repair?
    Absolutely - in fact, we encourage it! Our estimator can identify pre-existing damage during your initial assessment and provide a separate quote for this work. It’s important to know that your insurance will only pay for repairs that are directly related to the claim incident, so any additional repairs will need to be paid separately.
  • Why do I have to pay an excess?
    You’ll have to pay an insurance excess if you were at fault in the accident. If you weren’t at fault, your insurance company might be able to waive the excess, but this only happens once the other party has accepted liability. Sometimes there can be a delay between your excess being waived and the insurance company passing this information through to us. When this happens, we’re happy to check in with your insurer for an update on your claim.
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